The New Orleans Startup Fund aims to build and strengthen the local angel investment network, as well as attract external venture capital to a region rebranded for innovation. In order to fulfill our mission to develop a portfolio of companies that will create jobs, wealth, and opportunity for Greater New Orleans, The Startup Fund has started a registration program for qualified investors.

The Co-Investment Program gives investors an opportunity to meet with some of the most promising high-growth startups in the region. All Startup Fund companies have gone through a thorough due diligence evaluation and have received expert management coaching.

Any individual or firm who meets the standards of being an investor in a US private placement will be able to register on our website. This investor list is shared with The Startup Fund’s portfolio companies when they seek to raise more capital. The New Orleans Startup Fund’s managers do not make individual recommendations from this list, but do properly educate portfolio companies in how to evaluate potential investors.

If you are an accredited investor and would like to be included on The New Orleans Startup Fund’s qualified investor list, please fill out this application and send it to either or:

The New Orleans Startup Fund
Attention: Investor
365 Canal Street, Suite 2300
New Orleans, LA 70130