Kickboard, founded in 2009, is a web-based instructional management solution that helps K-12 teachers track their students’ academic performances and correlate progress with school culture and discipline.  The fully customizable, easy-to-use interface is currently in use in over 1,100 schools nationwide.  Jen Medbery, the founder and CEO, is a software developer who used three years’ teaching experience in low-income schools to create Kickboard as a catalyst for education innovation.“Having the New Orleans Startup Fund invest was a significant boost for my startup,” said Jen Medbery, Founder, Kickboard.  “Thanks to their technical support and network, I was been able to obtain financing from national venture capital firms and local investors.  With the city already attracting entrepreneurs and their ideas, the Startup Fund is one more very compelling reason for new companies to consider New Orleans as a place to do business.”Business Week named Jen Medbery one of America’s most promising social entrepreneurs for 2011, and Inc. Magazine featured Jen on its “30 Under 30” list.  The company has also won numerous competitions, including the Tulane New-Day Challenge, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week’s Idea Pitch, UPenn Graduate School of Education Business Plan Competition, and the Cool Tool Award in the Student Academic Tracking Solution category of the 2014 EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program. Learn more at http://kickboardforteachers.com

adverCar is a national media company that crowd sources everyday drivers (moms, dads, teachers, dentists and more) and allows brands to target neighborhoods, cities, commuter routes, and zip codes and by cost effectively renting space on the sides of their GPS-tracked cars—delivering a more dynamic, accountable out-of-home media choice.“This is an exciting time for adverCar, and was made possible by the New Orleans Startup Fund team, who pushed through every obstacle in a way that, in business, is hard to explain,” said Neil Turner, co-Founder, adverCar. “NOSF really cares about the mission, which separates it from other groups we have or will encounter. Learn more at http://advercar.com

zlien is a cloud-based construction payment platform optimizing the exchange of preliminary notices and lien waivers, making lien rights easy and fair for all construction participants. Founded by experienced construction attorneys and technology experts, zlien is also the nationwide leading publisher of construction payment resources and opinion, credit and financial risk analysis, and mechanics lien and bond claim resources and data. Learn more at http://zlien.com

Bioceptive is developing a patent-pending intrauterine device (IUD) inserter that vastly simplifies the insertion procedure while significantly reducing the complications inherent with current insertion techniques.Bioceptive was recently awarded a grant from the Saving Lives at Birth program to develop a version of the IUD inserter for user in developing countries. Learn more at http://bioceptive.com

Established as a manufacturer renewable alternative fuels in 2008, Golden Leaf Energy produces methyl esters and bio-lubricants at its  Harvey, LA bio-refinery.  The company operates a 2.2 million gallon per year facility and markets major oil and gas companies.“The investment from the Startup Fund allows us to move our plant to production and to patent our specialty chemical innovations.  It expands our operations and gives us the ability to bring more products to the ever-expanding biofuels market,” said Troy Clark, President & CEO of Golden Leaf Energy. Learn more at http://goldenleafenergy.com

tutti-logotype Dynamics Black Red Dot on White copy Tutti Dynamics created an interactive video platform that enables students to practice playing with master musicians and share their music with teachers and friends. Tutti Music Player is designed for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Early adopters include Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis & Jazz at Lincoln Center, Berklee College of Music, Tulane, and 500 high schools. Learn more at http://www.tuttiplayer.com/
CultureConnectLogo copy CultureConnect puts the museum experience in the palm of your hand, whether you’re a student on a field trip, tourist on vacation or exploring the museum’s collection from home.  Our easy to use app builder platform empowers museums and cultural institutions to offer a variety of mobile experiences from tours and galleries to educator tools and interactive exhibitions and more. CultureConnect makes archives and collections accessible to a wider, more diverse audience and engages people where they spend their time: smartphones and tablets. Hear our story or visit us (http://www.cultureconnectme.com)!

Community Health TV Logo Community Health TV (“CHTV”) is a multi-cultural, multi-platform, health media company that produces and distributes on-line health video geared toward diverse consumers. CHTV utilizes academically based medical content, and delivers culturally competent messaging via its “edu-taining” and inspirational physicians and health thought leaders. CHTV’s video catalogue is robust and features hundreds of dynamic health videos on a wide variety of subjects which deeply resonates with, and has the power to, influence millions of multi-cultural consumers who seek out health information on the Internet.

CHTV’s content is distributed through its subsidiary brands; Blackhealthtv.com, Latinohealthtv.com, Asianhealthtv.com and Desihealthtv.com, which target the African American, Latino, and Asian population demographics respectively. Additionally, CHTV provides its customers and partner sites with a broad portfolio of services that span the health spectrum from in-depth medical content for condition prevention and management, to interactive support communities, and health and wellness tools for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at communityhealthtv.com!

Servato Logo Servato provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for remote DC power management in industrial settings. Utilizing highly accurate data, proprietary algorithms, adaptive charging and cloud-based visualization software, Servato provides unprecedented insight into and control over distributed DC power assets in a number of industries. Servato is working with telecom carriers, OEMs, and distributors of all sizes across the country. Learn more at servatocorp.com!

Be Well Nutrition Be Well Nutrition Inc. was founded for one simple reason – to create healthy products that taste good. We partnered with an elite team of Nutritionists to develop our first product, ICONIC – a Grass Fed Protein Drink. ICONIC has a light and delicious taste, satisfies hunger, and provides healthy energy. It is packed with 20 grams of grass fed milk protein, vitamin B-12, and fiber. At only 130 calories and 3g of sugar, ICONIC is the perfect light breakfast, mid-day snack or pre/post workout drink. ICONIC is currently available in three tasty flavors, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Bean and Café au Lait (blended with real coffee). Learn more at drinkiconic.com!

MySelfie Live Logo MySelfie Live™ is an event-based software that creates a turnkey viral marketing platform for the fastest growing segment of the digital media industry and is able to be deployed almost anywhere. By using proprietary technology to receive, edit and display images in real-time, MySelfie™ creates a unique, scalable platform that stands apart from place-based media offerings. Learn more at myselfielive.com!

Munivestor Logo Munivestor is a financial software company that serves the municipal bond industry. Given the recent financial problems experienced by municipal governments such as Detroit and Puerto Rico, it is now more important than ever for municipal bond investors to be aware of financial issues before they occur. With our software, investors and financial advisers can stay ahead of these changes by receiving alerts on events such as rating changes, news stories and regulatory filings as they occur. As a result, investors have enhanced access to the information they need to protect their money from losses. Learn more at munivestor.com!

Ecosweet Logo Growing up in South Louisiana, founder Sonny Berry fondly remembers his father driving him through sugar cane country during harvest. Decades later, when stevia was introduced to the U.S. market, the sweetener captured his attention. While most products use GMO corn as a base to produce bulking agents like erythritol and dextrose which make up to 99.5% of the sweetener, it made sense to consider sugar cane as a source for a natural bulking agent rather than GMO corn.

From that idea, Ecosweet was born through a proprietary granulation method with a novel sugar crystal four times sweeter than regular cane sugar and only four calories per serving with a Glycemic Index of just 16. Lite Sugar has all the natural sweet taste of cane sugar with just 4 calories per serving and the company’s patented process eliminates that after taste found in other sweeteners. Learn more at ecosweet.com!

Mobilequbes Logo MobileQubes offers the first fully automated, self-service, mobile phone charging network on the market today. MobileQubes enables users to rent and return or purchase a portable charging pack for their mobile device at any kiosk across the country, without being tethered to an outlet, cord, or locking charging mechanism. MobileQubes adds accessibility, security, and reliability to the mobile device-charging category helps ensure that a dead device battery does not disrupt our customers’ lives again. Learn more at mobilequbes.com!

Freshmat Logo The Fresh Mat is a cleaning machine that automates the cleaning of multi-user Fitness equipment such as yoga mats, yoga blocks and small-size dumbbells.

The Fresh Mat uses a proprietary closed-loop cleaning system that requires no plumbing, little water, occupies minimal space, and consumes less energy than current methods.

Our overall mission is to improve public health by reducing disease transmission in billions of places where there is human contact with awkward to clean, multi-use items. Learn more at thefreshmat.com!

W2C Welcome to College helps higher education institutions optimize the highest leverage decision point in the college selection process, the college visit. Our web platform and professional services are giving colleges innovative tools to enhance how they are connecting with prospective students before, during, and after the college visit. We’ve created a web/mobile community centered on a scientifically researched construct, MARV® (meaning, accomplishment, relationships, vitality), for guiding students towards well-being and a college experience where they discover the best version of themselves. Learn more at welcometocollege.com.

scandy logo with tag Scandy is the first app of its kind — allowing users to create 3D and 360° content and order 3D prints from a mobile device. Users can capture spherical panoramas with the Scandy iOS and Android app and order 3D printed Scandy Spheres. iPad users can 3D scan objects and people with the Scandy iPad app with an attached 3D scanner. With the proliferation of virtual reality and 360° video, the demand for printing and displaying the 360° content is greater than ever. Scandy’s mission is to be the easiest way for people to create, share, and print 3D content. Learn more at http://Scandy.co.

Quarrio_logo Quarrio is Conversational Analytics. Users ask questions in ordinary English and the system answers instantaneously in plain English with auto-generated graphs and charts. More importantly, the user can then ask follow-up questions and quickly drill down to the important information they seek. The software is a broad artificial intelligence platform that works with any enterprise data source, launching first to sales managers using salesforce.com.

Quarrio has created a Learning Natural Language Interface to Databases delivered as a SaaS platform that enables ordinary people to do advanced reporting and analytics. Learn more at http://quarrio.com.

sp 1 The SmartPak patented Carton is a redesign of the conventional beer bottle six pack carrier that provides integrated Koozie™ functionality. We’ve redesigned a carton used for the past 30+ years that meets the utility of the existing four and six pack design plus potentially keeps beer colder longer and improves on breakage issues that occur at all 3 logistic areas – manufacturing, distributor & retail.

Cyber Final CyberReef Solutions simplifies and accelerates our customers’ ability to deploy secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Internet of Things (IoT) communications on the Carrier Wireless Network. CyberReef has partnered with Verizon to provide cyber security for machine-to-machine (M2M) data communications over Verizon’s wireless network. CyberReef provides low cost secure M2M networking and connection management on Verizon’s wireless network. Learn more at http://cyberreefsolutions.com/.

acrew Acrew, a product of GoToInterview, is a resume-less job marketplace that connects employers and job seekers through brief first impression videos. Acrew is revolutionizing the way hourly workers are hired. Across numerous industries – including hospitality, healthcare, and transportation – hiring managers are becoming less concerned with the information detailed on a typical resume. Instead, personality, gumption, and overall likeability are most important.

Acrew bridges the gap between employers and job seekers by replacing resumes with brief first impression videos. Job seekers can answer questions from multiple prospective employers in one sitting, and hiring managers can review videos when it’s most convenient for them. No paper, just people. Learn more at http://acrew.co/.