Community Health TV (“CHTV”) is a multi-cultural, multi-platform, health media company that produces and distributes on-line health video geared toward diverse consumers. CHTV utilizes academically based medical content, and delivers culturally competent messaging via its “edu-taining” and inspirational physicians and health thought leaders. CHTV’s video catalogue is robust and features hundreds of dynamic health videos on a wide variety of subjects which deeply resonates with, and has the power to, influence millions of multi-cultural consumers who seek out health information on the Internet.

CHTV’s content is distributed through its subsidiary brands;,, and, which target the African American, Latino, and Asian population demographics respectively. Additionally, CHTV provides its customers and partner sites with a broad portfolio of services that span the health spectrum from in-depth medical content for condition prevention and management, to interactive support communities, and health and wellness tools for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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