Growing up in South Louisiana, founder Sonny Berry fondly remembers his father driving him through sugar cane country during harvest. Decades later, when stevia was introduced to the U.S. market, the sweetener captured his attention. While most products use GMO corn as a base to produce bulking agents like erythritol and dextrose which make up to 99.5% of the sweetener, it made sense to consider sugar cane as a source for a natural bulking agent rather than GMO corn.

From that idea, Ecosweet was born through a proprietary granulation method with a novel sugar crystal four times sweeter than regular cane sugar and only four calories per serving with a Glycemic Index of just 16. Lite Sugar has all the natural sweet taste of cane sugar with just 4 calories per serving and the company’s patented process eliminates that after taste found in other sweeteners.

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